Maintaining and Caring for Your Expensive Stereo Equipment in Chicago

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Ever since we were children our parents have always taught us that it’s important to take care of the things we own—it’s our responsibility to keep them in the best condition possible so that we can enjoy them for as long as possible. When it comes to expensive items, this philosophy is doubly true.

Expensive stereo equipment in Chicago needs care and attention just like anything else to stay in top functional condition and without the proper attention given to it, that supremely expensive setup you paid for could tumble in quality, leaving you with an investment that’s hemorrhaging value.

What’s an audiophile to do? The answer is to care for and maintain your high end audio products to a degree that keeps them in prime working condition for as long as possible! Take a look at a few things you can and should do to avoid premature breakdown of audio components and to ensure you’re getting the very best quality audio your system can produce, even years after you’ve set it up:

  • Dust affects performance more than you might think, so keep your speakers and other equipment as dust-free as possible. Try to keep them in a place that’s properly ventilated and not prone to dust buildups and gently dust them regularly to prevent buildups from occurring. Compressed air is your friend in this situation and can make dust a thing of the past without any physical intervention with your sound system.
  • Keep all magnetic materials away from the speakers and audio equipment themselves—even small magnets. This can affect the charge of the metals and components within sound systems and distort the sound production ever so slightly over time.
  • Static electricity is also going to cause minor troubles for you over time that can add up to create distortion. Try to place speakers and other equipment on hard wood and avoid humidity buildups that can create static charges.
  • An uninterrupted power source is ideal for speakers, so it’s a good idea to have the power source they’re plugged into grounded and constantly fed. Voltage stabilization is key, just in case of things like blackouts, brownouts or issues with a fuse.
  • Never ever use liquid cleaners or chemicals on your speakers—even those that are environmentally safe and non-caustic. Liquid in any form can greatly distort a speaker or other audial component and having chemicals added to the mix is only going to make things worse.

You may be intimidated regarding the proper care and maintenance of expensive stereo equipment in Chicago simply because of the cost associated with these products, but it’s important to realize that taking a proactive approach to keeping them clean and in full functioning condition is the very best thing you can do for your investment.

If you have specific questions about the care and maintenance of your high end audio products and would like an expert opinion, be sure to give the professionals at Quintessence Audio Ltd. a call today.

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