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Whether due to long commutes, frequent travel or an overall busy life, there are many people who likely spend more time in their cars than at home. A great way to pass the time on long road trips or during irritating traffic jams is to enjoy your favorite music. In order to enjoy this experience to its full potential on days those errands seem to go slowly, consider car audio enhancements from your local high-end audio dealer in Chicago. Here are four of the most recommended ones.

Replacing speakers

Factory sound systems in cars used to scrape the bottom of the barrel. While many manufacturers partnered with Sony or Bose to create premium systems, they still install low-level speakers.

Replacing factory speakers with an aftermarket brand will make a noticeable difference in sound quality. You will hear improvements in bass and clarity which exposes new elements in your music that were likely unnoticed. This is also one of the most cost-effective improvements you can make for your car audio system.

Install sound-deadening material

Car doors are not the best place for speakers. The metal encasement with several small parts will create distractions and downgrade sound with vibration in the background. This effect increases as you move from residential to highway speeds since road noises also lower the frequency. That is why many people increase the volume when they hit higher speeds.

Adding a Dynamat or other sound-deadening feature will reduce this interference and increase sound quality. They also have the added benefit of being easy to install, so you can just pick one up from your high-end audio dealer and save on cost. Once installed, you will soon notice that you will no longer have to adjust the volume after you merge onto the highway.

Add a subwoofer

Many people associate subwoofers with that thumping irritating car stuck next to you at a stoplight. Subwoofers are not just about generating a Richter scale reading; they are designed to add depth to music.

Subwoofers restore the bottom octaves of your music. It’s not limited to rap music, either; it will add a new dimension to opera as well. Adjust it to your musical tastes and enjoy the full range of your speakers.

Include a separate amplifier

Just as factory systems cut corners on speakers, they do the same with amplifiers. Even with a premium Bose car stereo, there is still room for improvement. A new amplifier may be just the solution to enhancing that sound quality.

Most systems do not include a separate amplifier so power to the stereo is reduced. However, an increase from 200 to 250 watts will still make a difference in sound quality. With a source of clean power provided to your stereo, your system is guaranteed to sound better.

Visit Quintessence Audio LTD and see how you can improve your car stereo today. With all the time you spend running errands, commuting and traveling, consider upgrading your car stereo with enhancements offered by a high-end audio dealer in Chicago.

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