Is It Time to Replace Your Home Stereo Speakers?

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Home stereo speakers receive little thought until they sound bad or fail. A desperate situation involving sudden dead silence at a party or while watching movies is no time to start considering speaker replacement. Here are five signs that it may be time to replace your home stereo speakers if you are considering high-end audio products in Chicago.

There are obvious sound defects

Sudden drops in volume, no balance between left and right speakers, and crackling are all signs that speakers are wearing out. You may even endure buzzing feedback and other occurrences that do not support your music or movie experience. The time to replace speakers is when these signs emerge, rather than waiting for failure.

You upgraded your sound system

Any time you upgrade to higher-end equipment, you should consider new speakers too. Even if you feel the current speakers are fine, there is a good chance that they will not match up with the other products and sound quality will suffer as a result.

This is especially true if you are finally making the upgrade from an old school analog system to digital components. Your old speakers will not give digital sound justice, assuming they work at all. At worst, your digital set-up will blow out the analog speakers and you will need to make another trip to replace them anyway. You may as well get it done now.

Surround sound stops filling the room

Your surround sound may start acting up if the components are not compatible or the speakers simply wear out before the rest of the systems. Also, if you start using them more frequently, or even change your use patterns, you may find they no longer suit your needs.

If you find your once full-immersion home theater experience downgrades to underwhelming, it may be time to rethink your speakers. Consult with an audio specialist to ensure that the new speakers are compatible with your components before making a final purchase.

Your headphones offer better sound than your speakers

High-end headphones add plenty to the music experience. But when you find they are your preference, it shows shortcomings with your speaker system. You should tune into the world around you at least occasionally, and good speakers will allow that while also letting you enjoy music or movies in the background. (Besides, going headphones-only will serve little purpose if you have guests and wish to share your music.)

Your space has changed

If you move into a smaller living space or buy new furniture, you also need to reconsider the layout of your speakers—if not the brand itself. Speakers are available in a wide range of sizes and you do not need to sacrifice sound quality just because you moved from a house to an apartment. Micro-speakers, bookshelf speakers and stands with smaller footprints are all available and ready for consideration. If good fortune is your experience instead and you have a larger space, consider floor-standing speakers to offer rich sound and more frequencies for an ultimate sound experience.

No matter your reason for needing new speakers, there are businesses specializing in high-end audio products in Chicago to help you make the best decision for your preferences and living space. Stop by Quintessence Audio LTD today to see the latest in audio technology.

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