Redefining the Concept of Expensive Stereo Equipment in Chicago

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When you delve into any niche deep enough, you’re bound to find that the price to participate gets higher and higher the more involved you get. Look at cars, jewelry, sports, collectables and just about anything else and you can pretty easily visualize tiers that range from entry level prices to get started, all the way down to small fortunes that may seem crazy to pay!

It’s no different when you’re talking about high end audio. It’s easy enough to head down to your local electronics store and pick up a snazzy pair of speakers for a couple hundred collars and for many, this is seen as a luxury purchase… but if you talk to an audiophile who’s really in the loop when it comes to electronics, they’ll tell you that this doesn’t even begin to peak the concept of expensive stereo equipment in Chicago!

How high do the dollar signs climb when you’re talking about ultra high end stereo equipment? Take a look at some of the averages and outliers you’re likely to see if you really want to drop a dime on expensive stereo equipment in Chicago:

Home theater complete packages

Home theater systems are an audiophile’s dream come true and garner a lot of attention from high end enthusiasts because they include just about everything you’d need to complete your listening experience: a receiver, speakers, amps, preamp and cabling. Now, most of the time audiophiles will prefer to build their own home theater systems with these individual components, but there are a few different producers of high end equipment out there that provide the whole package.

So, how much will a complete home theater system run you if you’re really looking to spend the money? On the low end, you’d be talking at least five figures or roughly the price of a high end car—however this price range can easily push six figures! When you consider the costs of each individual component in and of itself, it’s no wonder audiophiles like to build their own home theater systems, rather than drop a huge sum of money all at once on a home theater package!

Floor-standing speakers

Without a doubt the most expensive single pieces of high end audio you can buy, floor-standing speakers are the bread and butter of this industry. They come in all shapes and sizes, from a variety of manufacturers who use a variety of materials, and they absolutely tip the scales in price. Take a look at some models that debuted just last year:

  • The Estelon X Diamond, which has retail price of $69,900, which falls in “affordably” on the scale of floor speakers!
  • Angel Sound S8 speakers, which are known for their distinctive flame shape, come in at an astounding $180,000.
  • Nola Concert Grand Reference Gold speakers can cost you just short of $200,000 if you’re really looking to pick up the best of the best!

Keep in mind, these are just three examples from 2014 alone—speakers can easily climb over the quarter of a million dollar mark and beyond!

Receivers, amps and preamps

What would high end audio be without the components that bring it to life: receivers, amps and preamps? These pieces fetch a fair price in and of themselves and if you’re just looking at scratching the surface of expensive stereo equipment in Chicago, you’d do well to stow away $20,000 or more.

They say nothing worth having comes cheap and for anyone with a keen ear and a passion for audio, this couldn’t be truer. While some may think it crazy to drop a small fortune on stereo equipment and speakers, others who are truly vested in the lifestyle see this as just another step towards mastery of a hobby!

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