How to Find Music That Sounds Better on High End Electronics in Chicago

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By now, you’ve probably read dozens of stories about the death of music as a physical medium, at least among the general public. CDs have long gone the way of cassettes and vinyl before them, making way for MP3s and other file formats, which are an awful lot easier to transport from place to place but deprive the listener of much sense of ownership or physical connection.

At the same time, in what seems like a major contradiction, you’ve probably also seen stories about the resurgence of vinyl among younger collectors, whose interest in LPs seems to be fed by a mix of a retro or nostalgic impulse, a vague understanding that vinyl “sounds better” and the opportunity to collect vinyl as a status symbol. Meanwhile, more and more bands are putting out music on vinyl than they were a decade ago.

But new vinyl remains something of a niche market even among music buyers, and even if CDs are selling in far lower numbers than they once did, many audiophiles remain committed to buying well-engineered and well-mastered recordings on CD to play on their high end electronics in Chicago. The good news is that buying CDs is easier than ever thanks to the easy shopping available online and the proliferation of audiophile record labels dedicated to issuing products with the refined listener in mind. Here are three of the best labels currently reissuing older music in better-than-ever sound quality:

  • Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab: Long known for its gold-CD reissues of classic rock and jazz albums, many of which they remastered using first-generation tapes, this company continues to revolutionize the art of audiophile releases.
  • Audio Fidelity: Faithfully packaging classic recordings and reissuing them on 24-karat-gold CDs and 180-gram vinyl, this California-based label releases many of its recordings in limited editions. Grab them while you can!
  • Analogue Productions: With its growing catalogue of reissues, including from such pioneering jazz labels as Blue Note, Fantasy, Impulse and Verve, one of this company’s specialties is reissuing 33 1/3 LPs as 12-inch 45s with far-improved sound.

If you’re just beginning to put together a library of audiophile recordings, these labels and others offer a broad selection of popular, classical and jazz music in high-quality sound, and their catalogues are expanding monthly. Order direct from their websites or through retailers like Amazon, and just see how quickly your collection grows.

Just as there hasn’t been a better time to buy music as an audiophile, nor has there been a time in which the quality and variety of high end electronics in Chicago has been so great as it is today. Whether you’re a long-time audiophile or someone interested in getting into high end electronics for the first time, the selection available at Quintessence Audio LTD is second to none, and our team is always excited to talk with our customers about the products we sell. Come see us today to find the perfect equipment on which to play your latest audiophile-friendly recordings!

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