Why Get Into High End Audio in Chicago? Here Are Some Great Benefits

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These days, it’s possible to stream music and videos from your laptop, tablet or phone, and you can buy cheap speakers for 10 bucks. Does that mean the days of high end audio equipment are over? As a store that regularly sells high end audio in Chicago, our answer is a resounding “No!” Now more than ever, high end audio equipment is being valued over the cheap, middling speakers and headphones available at your local big box store. From the outside, investing in serious sound systems might seem like a waste of money, but once you hear the difference, it will be hard to ever go back to using your computer or television’s tinny, low-quality, built-in speakers. Here are some benefits to becoming an audiophile and owning high end audio equipment:

  • Everything old is new again: From the resurgence in the popularity of vinyl to the appreciation for vintage amplifiers in musical performances, high end audio is a way to bring the past into the present. If you have a box of old LPs sitting in your basement, investing in a high-quality sound system can help you to appreciate them even more than when you first bought them. The same goes for CDs and even tapes—when it comes to a real listening experience, streaming or relying on digital files is far from ideal.
  • Be a great host: Whether you’re hosting an intimate date, a gathering of all your relatives or a huge New Year’s Eve celebration, a quality sound system can take your guests’ experience to the next level. Impress them with your immersive home theater or perfectly clear turntable amplifier, and they’ll definitely want to be returning to your house for a second date or on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Relax in a sea of sound: After a long day of work, school or parenting, sometimes the best thing in the world is to zone out with a glass of wine and your favorite television show or album. A quality sound system will drown out outside noises and help transport you to another world of relaxation. You can forget your worries and become totally invested in the world of the film or song.
  • Join a community: If you know anyone who identifies as an audiophile, you know they love to talk about different brands, pieces of equipment and new technology. One of the great things about investing in high end audio equipment is that it comes with a whole community of people who share your interests and are more than willing to share advice and experiences. You can find audiophiles from all over the world online, or even right in your own backyard by visiting your local high end audio dealer.

As a dealer of high end audio in Chicago, of course we’re biased when it comes to the benefits of being an audiophile. If you still aren’t sure if you want to make the leap, come visit us at Quintessence Audio LTD and see for yourself what we’re all about.

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