Five Essential High End Audio Accessories in Chicago

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If you’re a serious audiophile seeking the best audio accessories in Chicago, you know that there are a lot of possibilities to choose from. With all the options out there, we understand that sometimes it’s difficult for our customers to choose which accessories are most crucial to include in a high end audio setup. To help, we’ve compiled a list of five accessories we think every audiophile should own. We hope this is a handy jumping off point into figuring out what matters most to you.

  • Record cleaning fluid and CD treatment: As any audio enthusiast can tell you, vinyl seems to be officially back to stay. The soulful, thick sound produced by records is unrivaled by any other medium, and turntable equipment has improved a lot over the years. But caring for records is a lot more challenging than caring for CDs and streaming devices. A quality record cleaning fluid is an affordable and easy way to ensure that your records keep sounding their best for years to come. If you’re also a serious CD collector, there are CD treatment products that will do the same for your discs.
  • Cable elevators: As most serious audiophiles can attest, one of the only drawbacks to having a lot of high end audio equipment is dealing with the large number of tangled and unwieldy wires and cables that can collect on your floor. One antidote to this common problem is investing in cable elevators, which keep cables off your floor and organizes them into a manageable flow. Cable elevators also protect expensive cables from getting dragged and stepped on, and keeping them in good shape can even help improve audio quality.
  • Sound panels: Whether the acoustics in your home create slap echo or insufficient soundproofing, sound panels can help create the perfect sound for any room. You can find great panels for under $100, and they come in a wide range of Hz. Some sound panels even come in stylish designs so that they don’t ruin the look of your listening room.
  • Demagnetizer: If we lived in a perfect world, every album would be available on vinyl, and we could afford all of them. Alas, sometimes even the most committed vinyl enthusiast is forced to listen to CDs, which often offer a colder, more digitized sound than vinyl. The best way to make your CDs sound more like vinyl is to use a disc demagnetizer. CDs often become magnetized at some point in the manufacturing process, which can affect their sound and even cause lags or errors. Many audiophiles have reported great improvement after using demagnetizers on their CDs. They work well on DVDs too, creating a much sharper image.
  • Sound disruptor: If electromagnetic interference, or EMI, often intrudes on and ruins your audio, a sound disruptor will go a long way toward improving your listening experience. Despite what its name may suggest, a sound disruptor is anything but disruptive. In fact, it absorbs outside noise caused by EMI, making for a smoother, less digitized sound. Disruptors can get a bit pricey, but they’re definitely worth the cost.

For all of your high end audio accessories in Chicago, visit Quintessence Audio Ltd. We look forward to helping you with any high end audio purchases!

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