Finding the Right High End Audio Dealer in Chicago

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Finding a high end audio dealer in Chicago or anywhere is a multistep process. There is a general checklist of things you should be evaluating before choosing to do business with any audio dealer, including the employees, the brands, trials and recommendations. Here, we’ve broken down what to look for and what to avoid in each of these areas. Hopefully this list helps both veteran as well as budding audiophiles find the best equipment from the best dealers.

  • The employees: Everyone knows how to spot good customer service, but there are a few specific things you should be looking for in the owner and employees of a high end audio shop. First, and most obviously, employees should have a lot of knowledge about high end audio equipment, preferably more than the person they’re selling to. Before you get into the specifics of what you’re looking for, be sure to engage your dealer in a general conversation to make sure they know their stuff. Second, and perhaps even more importantly, high end audio dealers should be willing to go the extra mile for their customers. The mark of a truly attentive dealer is that they’re willing to drop by your house before you make a purchase, or at least ask to see pictures so they know the layout and what will work best for you. If these two marks are hit, then you know you’re getting a good high end audio purchasing experience.
  • The brands: If you’ve spent some time in the world of high end audio, you generally know which brands are worthwhile. High end audio dealers should carry a broad selection of the best brands in the industry. You’ll know if a dealer isn’t up to par if they only have one or two quality brands, because that likely means most brands don’t trust them enough to let them carry their equipment. Also, be wary of dealers who carry an excess of “flash in the pan” brands. Though these brands may be getting good reviews today, they could easily be gone in a year, and you won’t want to be stuck owning equipment no one repairs.
  • Trials: A high end audio dealer that really cares about its customers’ satisfaction will usually be willing to let you take home a piece of equipment overnight so you can try it out with your audio system. Something that sounds great in the store might not sound as good with your particular setup, and a dealer should understand that and want to give you the chance to make sure it’s the right fit for you. Be wary of dealers who are unwilling to let you do this.
  • Recommendations: Finally, if you’re unsure where to even start, ask a friend whose sound system you admire where they got their equipment, and whether they had a good experience. But do keep in mind that you shouldn’t just buy the same things your friend has, because they might not work as well in your home.

If you have any questions or are looking for a quality high end audio dealer in Chicago, we hope you’ll check out Quintessence Audio Ltd. Good luck on your search, and happy listening!

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