Ear Buds or Over-the-Ear Headphones?

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In a world where we’re constantly being convinced that smaller technology is the better way to go, it can be a little conflicting to take this advice to heart when you’re talking about getting the very best sound quality. The debate over bigger versus smaller generally comes down to headphones, or more specifically, ear buds versus over-the-ear headphones. Which option is going to give you the best sound quality, listening experience and best comfort? The answer all boils down to a few differences between the two—differences that you’ll have to evaluate for yourself to make a true determination of which is best suited for your listening tastes.

As is the case with any audio product, there’s a vast gamut of styles, brands and qualities out there when it comes to both types of headphones. Obviously, investing in high end electronics in Chicago, whether it’s ear buds or over-the-ear headphones, is going to yield better results than bowing out and putting your money into a less than stellar brand—but, when you make a fair comparison, here’s what you’ll want to look for:

  • Comfort: Comfort is the number one thing to consider, since your entire listening experience will rest on how comfortably you’re able to enjoy your headphones. For some people, the idea of inserting ear buds into their ears is tantamount to going to the dentist—it’s just not comfortable no matter what brand of buds you buy. For others, big, bulky over-the-ear headphones might feel like wearing a pair of earmuffs, which might deter you from truly enjoying your audial experience. Pick the option that’s right for you comfort-wise and you’ll have made the first decision towards an optimal listening experience.
  • Sound quality: The fact of the matter is that both ear buds and over-the-ear headphones are capable of producing exceptional sound quality when they’re manufactured correctly. However, ear buds are slightly limited by the technology surrounding them at the moment. Because they’re so small, some of the sound-enhancing materials used in over-the-ear models might not be scalable, meaning that overall, larger headphones are in a better position to provide you with exceptional audio. This higher quality on the part of over-the-ear models comes at a price, however, and you might find yourself paying tremendously more for a pair of over-the-ear headphones as opposed to a solid pair of ear buds.
  • Noise cancellation: It’s almost no contest when noise cancellation comes into the picture—over-the-ear headphones are going to be far and above a better option. This is because of the encompassing way that they cover the ear and the materials used to insulate the headphones from external noises. Because ear buds, even those representing high end electronics in Chicago, are simply an insert, they can’t stand up to the noise cancelling properties of true over-the-ear models.
  • Durability: This is a minor factor for anyone who plans on spending any amount of money on a decent pair of headphones, since it’s implied that you’re going to take great care of them at all times. But, nevertheless, it’s important to stack up quality and durability as determining factors before a decision is made. And, as the trend seems to be going that direction, it’s important to note the durability of over-the-ear headphones over ear buds. Because ear buds are so small and require insertion into your ears, they’re more likely to suffer damage, even for those taking good care of them. Over-the-ear headphones are still susceptible to damage, but they’re far more resistant to accidental breaks via normal use.

When it comes down to it, shrinking audio technology doesn’t always make it better. In the case of headphones, you might find that a solid pair of over-the-ear headphones is exactly what you’re looking for in the world of exceptional audio. And while ear buds are still evolving, for the time being, you might not find the audial experience you’re looking for from them.

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