Choosing the Right Tweeter in Chicago

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Of all the places we experience sound, inside our vehicles is perhaps one of the most satisfying. When you’re alone in your car, with the windows up and the right tunes on the radio, it’s easy to find a state of nirvana as you barrel down the road. Perhaps this euphoria is what drives so many audiophiles to focus on their vehicle’s audio capabilities when they’re trying to achieve audial perfection within the realm of their lives.

While it’s easy to go to a high end audio dealer and pick out an expensive aftermarket set of speakers and an amp, this isn’t always the most comprehensive approach to outfitting your auto with exceptional sound capabilities. In fact the right place to start isn’t with superior woofers or bass-amplifying speakers—the first thing you’re going to want to turn your attention to is finding the right tweeter in Chicago.

Getting the scoop on tweeters

The best vehicle auto setup in the world isn’t going to subsist solely on the size of your speakers or the power of your woofer—it’s really going to be defined by the quality of the tweeters in your speakers. First and foremost, when you’re searching for exceptional sound quality within the realm of vehicle speakers you’re going to want to turn your attention to tweeters that are made with the right material.

There are really two distinct camps of tweeter materials: those that are delicate versus those that are hardened. Each composition has its pros and cons, which offer the following, respectively:

  • Soft materials: Soft materials will produce sounds that are silkier and more refined. The sounds produced by softer tweeter materials will flow more fluidly and have a richer quality to them, however they’re not quite suited for loudness or bass.
  • Hard materials: Harder materials, such as metal, ceramic and graphite, produce sounds that are brilliant when it comes to high end audio. From the staccato notes of a deep guitar riff, to the growling clarity of heavy bass, harder materials are perfect for louder audio that demands clarity.

Choosing one material over another for your tweeter all comes down to your driving audio preferences: do you prefer a silky sound that’s better at reasonable volumes or drivingly powerful noise that’s meant to be accented even at its deepest levels?

Rotating and removable tweeters

What you might not realize about your tweeters is that they’re not stationary aspects of your speakers—in fact, they’re made to maneuver based on the sound they’re producing. Because of this, in choosing the right tweeter in Chicago, you’ll want to investigate rotating and removable tweeters.

Rotating tweeters provide a free range of movement for sound production, giving your speakers more clarity in their sound, while removable tweeters also serve to provide movement indicative of the sounds being produced by the speaker, with the difference being that removable tweeters can actually be taken out of the current speaker to be reused in other models.

Tweeter perfection is in the details

Whenever you’re dealing with vehicle audial capabilities, it pays to have an idea of what types of traits you’re looking for in a tweeter. By establishing your audial needs and finding the right tweeter and speaker setup, you’ll greatly increase at feeling of euphoria that superior audio can create in your car.

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