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Quintessence Audio is pleased to be one of only 400 audio dealers nationwide authorized to sell top quality mobile stereo products made by Focal Audio. As such, we have the privilege of introducing our customers to the incredible technological advances that Focal Audio has made in the field of mobile audio.

Rethinking speaker cone design

Speaker cone technology has come a long way in recent years. While we’re all probably familiar with the traditional paper pulp speaker cones that served as the standard for over a century, Focal Audio is now taking a fresh approach to the way speaker cones are made.

One model offered by Focal Audio, called the FLAX Sandwich Cone, places a cone made from top-quality flax fibers between two layers of woven glass fiber. This interesting design not only looks amazing and unique, it also delivers immaculately clear sound that will satisfy even the most demanding listener.

Similar to the FLAX speaker cone, Focal Audio also offers the “W” Composite Sandwich Cone. The “W” cone features two sheets of woven glass fiber, which are sandwiched around a central cone made from structural foam. The resins used to bind the glass to the foam core can provide a structural rigidity superior to that of Kevlar or Aramid fiber, by a factor of around 20 times. This allows the “W” Composite Sandwich Cone to produce clear sounds with an extremely low distortion rate.

Focal Audio also is the exclusive provider of Polyglass cone technology. Polyglass cones consist of a cellulose pulp cone that is coated in glass micro-balls. The application of glass micro-balls to the surface of the speaker cone provide a rigidity that exceeds that of Kevlar, and can provide a dramatic improvement in the midrange sound definition over competing technologies.

A new take on tweeters

In addition to revolutionizing speaker cone design, Focal Audio has also come up with some groundbreaking new tweeter designs.

Focal Audio is the first company to have produced a pure Beryllium tweeter. The Beryllium tweeter, which is constructed using Focal Audio’s unique inverted dome design, can produce sounds ranging over more than five octaves. This covers frequencies from 1,000Hz to 40,000Hz. To understand the significance of this, it is important to note that the human ear can typically only hear sounds up to 20,000Hz.

By more than doubling the frequency range for human hearing, the Beryllium tweeter is capable of producing nuanced sound. As these higher frequency sounds interact with one another and their surrounding environment, they produce micro details that would be impossible for other tweeters to replicate.

At Quintessence Audio, we are proud to bring only the highest quality audio devices to our customers. If you are interested in purchasing top-quality Focal Audio products in Chicago, Quintessence Audio is the place to visit. We are Chicago’s premiere audio dealer, offering the very best stereo equipment, speakers, audio devices and preamplifiers that are available on the market today. If it’s quality audio you’re after, Quintessence Audio is your trusted supplier of all things sound related.


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