Three Tips for Better Listening

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As one of our primary senses, hearing is one of the most crucially important, yet often under-utilized ways in which we gather information about our surroundings. You may ask –how can a primary sense be under-utilized?

Think of the way in which you typically interact with sound on any given day. It is likely that in your daily life, sound serves almost entirely as a means of verbal conveyance. Sure, you probably listen to music as well, but probably just as often, you are using music to mask out other, less interesting sounds filtering into your environment.

That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with using sound as a verbal conveyance or using music to mask out unpleasant sounds, but there’s much more to hearing than simply that.

Hearing can provide us with important information about our environment, from the size and shape of the room we’re in, to the number of people around us, to the specific time of day. By learning to listen more closely to the sounds around us, we can become more engaged with our environments, and gain greater fulfillment in the way we interact with sound.

Here are a few simple tips that can help make you a better listener, allowing you to better connect with your environment and truly appreciate the amazing nature of sound:

1)    Give yourself silence breaks. We are constantly bombarded by sound. The incessant background noise that surrounds us in our daily lives can significantly increase stress levels. Even a few minutes of silence each day can help reduce the negative impact of environmental noise, and can help you recalibrate your hearing, giving you the ability to notice sounds you may otherwise tune out.

2)    Learn to shift the focus of your hearing. In most environments, there are typically several different sound sources competing for our attention. By actively focusing on individual sounds, it is possible to increase your appreciation of the nature of sound. This can serve to make you better at picking up fine details that you might otherwise fail to notice.

3)    Learn to appreciate the mundane. There is room for enjoyment in the sounds that occur all around us. Whether you find appreciation in the sound of a spoon clinking against the inside of a mug, the soft, splashing rush of the dishwasher or the rustling sound your clothes make when you move, appreciating the little things can dramatically improve your overall enjoyment of sound, and life, in general.

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