Pass Labs Redesigns Its Iconic Amplifiers

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In the world of amplifiers, preamplifiers and other high-end audio equipment, few hold a candle to the innovation and superior products that come out of Pass Labs. A leader in the high-end audio community, Nelson Pass has made his life’s work the constant improvement of amplifier design and with the newest unveiling by Pass Labs at CES 2014, it looks like he’s done it again.

The last time a true redesign of high-end amplifiers was undertaken was back in 2006, but now, with the introduction of the X.8 amps at CES, it appears that the high-end audio community is in for the next great step in Class A amplifiers.

What to look forward to

While the X.8 amps aren’t for sale yet and won’t be for the better part of 2014, audiophiles everywhere are already excited for what’s to come. Aside from a visual redesign, the X.8 line of amplifiers boasts some of the most amazing innovations in audio technology.

Purity of sound is the first and foremost thing to look for in the X.8 line of amps. Known for his reliance on sound testing, rather than just testing audio levels via equipment, Nelson Pass has taken care to attune these new amps directly into the soul of sound quality. The bottom line: you’ll experience a sound quality like never before.

The X.8 line also includes a variety of power ratings and configurations, giving you the full potential you need to create the finest audio experience for your needs and your budget.

The new additions

Those who already shop for Pass Labs Audio in Chicago will be familiar with the X350.5 series and the like, the groundwork for the newly announced X.8 line of amps. What you won’t be familiar with, however, is each member of the X.8 line, which includes:

Two channel amps
  • The X150.8
  • The X250.8
  • The X350.8
  • The XA30.8
Single mono amps
  • The X600.8
  • The XA60.8
  • The XA100.8
  • The XA160.8
  • The XA200.8

Wondering about power? Well, you won’t be disappointed to learn that the per-channel power ratings range from 30w for the XA30.8 to 600w for the single-channel X600.8: an impressive capacity for these superior amps.

The importance of quality

No hi-fi audio experience is complete without a great amplifier and for years, Pass Labs has been creating the perfect amplifiers to complement virtually any hi-fi setup. If you’re shopping for a full audial experience, it’s important to ensure that you have every piece of the puzzle in place, including an amplifier from Pass Labs Audio in Chicago.

These exceptional amps are made and manufacture in California, by the creators themselves—ensuring that you’ll get a certified Pass Labs stamp of quality when you purchase their products from an authorized dealer. Remember, if you’re shopping for Pass Labs Audio in Chicago, there’s no better place to find exactly what you’re looking for then Quintessence Audio Ltd. Stop on by today and start your quest for audial perfection!

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