Focal Audio Unveils Its First Sound Bar Subwoofer System

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If you’re shopping around for some high-quality Focal Audio products in Chicago for your home, you may want to hold off for a few months. Why? Because Focal is once again raising the bar for home audio entertainment—the company recently unveiled its first-ever sound bar subwoofer system, much to the delight of critics and consumers.

Deviating from its iconic, monumental Utopia speakers, Focal has condensed its newest offering into a package that’s just three inches deep! The sound bar subwoofer system debuted at CES 2014 and quite literally blew everyone away with its phenomenal potential and superior capabilities.

Raising the bar for quality

As mentioned above, the Focal sound bar subwoofer is quite the deviation from the company’s usual monolithic setups. Walk into any high-end audio store looking for Focal Audio in Chicago and you’re likely to find Utopia speakers as big as you are! This time, however, Focal is taking a more compact approach, without sacrificing power, beauty, functionality or leadership.

For a speaker that’s only three inches deep, the sound bar subwoofer puts out an impressive 50Hz of bass—an unthinkable level of excellence for a one-piece, bar-style subwoofer system! As an added bonus, you can also mount the bar just about anywhere, or apply it to your tabletop setup for maximum listening experience—the system even has an available zero-vibration filter that cancels out any tabletop interference, while extending the deep bass output to 30Hz.

Altogether, with built-in amplifiers, the Focal sound bar subwoofer will provide you with 450w of power for the entire system. Pretty impressive for such a compact, sleek package—but then again, what else could we expect from Focal except utter perfection?

Where to find it

Sadly, the Focal sound bar subwoofer won’t be in any authorized dealer stores until third quarter of 2014, giving people time to start stashing away some cash. Although, compared to the Utopia speakers that have driven the brand, Focal’s sound bar subwoofer comes in at a very moderate price.

The unit itself will be sold with a price tag of around $1,399, while the sub will set you back $499. Rumor has it that Focal will also be offering a price break for audiophiles who are seeking to get the entire system right off, where the price will stand at $1,699 for the complete system.

What it’s called

Finally, if you’ve been wondering this whole time what you’re going to call your newest piece of home audio perfection, you have your answer: the Dimension. The Dimension will join the ranks of other worldwide leading products from Focal, including the Utopia line and others.

Remember, this is Focal’s very first stab at a sound bar and subwoofer connected system, so like always, read up before you decide to buy. And, when you are ready to make the investment in this newest piece of exceptional audial technology, visit the number one place to shop for Focal Audio in Chicago: Quintessence Audio Ltd.

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