What Defines High End Audio in Chicago?

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The audial experience that people have when listening to music varies tremendously from person to person. While one person may pick up on specific tones, others may be more adept at keying in on other factors of sound. But, regardless of how a person is hearing something, the quality at which they are hearing it can almost invariably be proven noticeable across different ranges of audio equipment. This begs a common question: what defines high end audio in Chicago?

The common answer to this—generally given by someone who doesn’t know any better—is a higher price range. But, this answer is quite incorrect. Why is high end audio more expensive than run of the mill equipment? The answer, is because of the finely tuned, pristine audial experience that comes with it.

The high end experience

Want to test the quality of your current audio system? Here’s an easy way to do it: put on a complex piece of classical music—one that features strings, horns, percussion and one that changes tempo, time and pace. When you’re listening to this profound piece of music, what are you hearing?

If you’re using high end audio in Chicago, the answer to this question is going to be complex. At some point, you may be hearing the delicate plucking of strings, while at another, a single French horn among the group may stand out as having a smoother transition between notes. In reality, all of these little pieces that you’re able to pick out while enjoying the song as a whole are due to the high end audio equipment that you’re using. Not only do high end systems play music for you—they enhance it and bring out elements that are lost within the confines of an inferior system.

Think about audio in this way: when you walk through a crowd of people, much of the time all you’re seeing is blurred faces among the mass of them. With high end audio, imagine that you’ve been given the power to see each face individually as you make your way through the crowd, distinguishing each person’s features and registering them as an individual, instead of just a blur in the group. This is how our brains perceive audio and enhancing our ability to register minor details is what makes high end audio in Chicago special.

Seeing sound

The human range of vision can’t register sound waves, but through high end audio, your brain will be able to paint you a picture of the music that you’re listening to in a way that’s almost as amazing. Think about a song as having a thousand different parts: each note, from each instrument coming together to form one complete piece of music. While generic audio systems do a fine job of giving you the finished product, high end audio goes further, to help you understand each component that’s responsible for the final product.

If you’ve never experienced high end audio, a first time exposure can be like discovering that you have a new sense!

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