High End Stereo Equipment in Chicago is Still Going Strong

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Have you ever listened to a recording of someone manipulating a turntable and thought to yourself, “wow, that person is really, really good at what they do!”? Chances are, the person scratching vinyl is a seasoned turntable veteran, but their amazing sound isn’t always a sole product of their skills—after all, quality equipment is designed to produce quality sound. It takes more than just magic fingers and a good beat to Deejay—it takes a solid setup that’s finely tuned and impeccably configured.

In the world of turntables and disk jockeying, high-end stereo equipment in Chicago is still going strong for a number of reasons. The primary idea behind purchasing a state of the art turntable system is the one we mentioned above: quality creates quality. Having a system that’s top of the line and configured by someone who understands the finer points of a turntable system will almost always yield better results than a sound that’s being produced by someone with exceptional skill who’s using an inferior setup.

It’s an art

Ask any audio specialist who has experience with configuring and tuning turntables and most likely, you’ll get an answer similar to this: “it’s more of an art than anything else.” The reason audio professionals call turntable setup an art is because it all depends on the quality of the system in question.

If someone has a top of the line, high-end turntable that they’re looking to have set up, the configuration procedure is going to be worlds different than that of a low-level, average system. Adjusting for quality based on sound in this instance isn’t going to yield very good results, because the results that will ultimately be produced aren’t going to match up with the high-end equipment.

Finding the right pro

In regards to properly configuring high end stereo equipment in Chicago, it all comes down to finding the right professional. Someone who understands the type of turntable you’re working with, the brand and its attributes and the type of sound you’re looking to get out of it will be able to manipulate the system far better than a person who’s experienced at tweaking it until it “sounds right.” A good professional will know it sounds right by the adjustments they make, which will in turn be reflected in the superior quality sound that’s produced.

For years, people have been coming from all over the country to Quintessence Audio Ltd. to have their turntables and other high end audio equipment serviced and configured—due much in part to the seasoned professionals who understand exactly how the system functions and what adjustments need to be made.

Rather than just adjust for qualitative results, a pro at Quintessence Audio Ltd. will adjust your system for quantitative results as well. In the end, you’ll walk out with a finely tuned, expertly setup system that’s going to deliver amazing sound quality. And, when your equipment is putting out that kind of sound, a person with exceptional skills will have no trouble bringing down the house.

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